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phoenix dan cong oolong

Why do we have to visit Phoenix town every year?

We have been visiting Phoenix town every year since 2010. Sometimes, my customers query and wonder why do I have to make trips there rather than just request some samples instead. Without a doubt, it would be easier, cost saving and time efficient if the right tea could be chosen without having to go there. Though, if we would to buy a lower grade Phoenix tea produced from a garden, then selecting tea based on tea samples would be sufficient. However, the tea we require is the Phoenix Dan Cong oolong where each batch of Dan Cong consists only less than 5 to 10 kg and there are multiple varieties. Therefore, it is essential to choose the ideal batch on the spot based on the tasting. In particular, there are some special tea such as Lao Cong Dan Cong oolong that only has less than 2 or 3kg in one particular batch. Only if we are there, the manufacturers will be willing to let us taste such tea face to face.


The Skills of Selecting Tea

If anyone just happens to visit the same manufacturers from who our source and wanted to select teas, their options of tea would be different. The manufacturers generally select the tea according to the customer’s requirements. Selecting tea is different from just tasting tea. When purchasing tea for our own consumption, we could just decide the tea based on personal preference and impressions. On the contrary, selection of tea for business requires a clear standard of criteria and a consistent tasting skills to acquire the desirable tea. Sometimes during our journey, we fall sick, catch a cold, suffer from food poisoning, lack of sleep or feeling ill for some reasons; we still need to maintain the consistency in selecting tea. For instance, there are several ways to verify the quality and precedence of tea. The after taste, body, the type of flavor, process defects, astringency and bitterness are the main criterion for selecting a good tea. We need to analyze the teas with each criterion and compare them to the market requirement.

In Phoenix town, we have tasted nearly 100 teas starting from the lowest grade tea. When we managed to taste the competition grade, it was already passed mid night. It was like a tea marathon and I felt really exhausted when I reached the hotel after completing the tasting.


We tasted nearly 100 types of Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong


We drank a number of tea before we could finalize our line-ups

We bought limited Lao Cong Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong

In addition to our regular line-ups, we have selected the special types of Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong this year. It is the teas from very old tea trees called Lao Cong. The age of the tea trees are more than 300 years old. This tea is not even sent for the tea competition since the total quantity that the manufacturer could produce was less than 3kg. To send teas for a competition, they need to surrender a minimum of 1kg for evaluation and tasting. Due to its high value and limited quantity, the manufacturers would not want to sacrifice such precious teas just for the competition. You may wonder what is so exceptional about the Lao Cong Phoenix Dan Cong.It produces extremely deep and long-lasting aftertaste and the drinking feeling of this tea is so soft and smooth.  You may presume that the tea is penetrating into your throat; plus, the flavor is very thick and long lasting. The Lao Cong Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is the symbolic tea of Wu Dong Shan where the prices are certainly high and we have very limited stock available. We could purchase only less than 2kg in total. For Malaysia, we will only bring in the pre-ordered quantity ordered from customers. If you are interested in these teas, please make a pre-booking. We will open the pre-booking until 5th of August.


鳳凰烏崠老欉桂花香単叢 Phoenix Lao Cong Gui Hua Xiang Dan Cong



鳳凰烏崠老欉桂花香単叢 Phoenix Lao Cong Gui Hua Xiang Dan Cong

鳳凰烏崠老欉桂花香単叢 Phoenix Lao Cong Gui Hua Xiang Dan Cong

Price : 40g RM780, 240g RM3900

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