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Q: Can pregnant woman can drink tea?

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You need to care about the caffeine intake

If a pregnant woman drinks tea, the caffeine from tea will be also delivered to baby. The baby’s liver has low metabolic rate, the caffeine lingers longer. That is the point why it is said that pregnant woman has to refrain from intaking caffeine. However, it does not mean that pregnant woman cannot drinks tea. In the website of some gynaecologists, they also suggest that in most cases for a normal pregnant woman having one to two cups of tea (about 100 to 300ml) is not a problem.
tea for pregnant woman

The good aspect of tea for pregnant woman

During pregnancy, woman needs to produce and supply blood to her baby. It is like you are donating blood frequently. The mother’s body critically lacks iron.
The pregnant woman spontaneously appreciates iron-rich food. For example, when my wife was pregnant, she enjoyed clam, fish and specific type of fruit like durian; these foods are rich in iron.

Now let’s back to tea. In general, high quality tea has more minerals. Tea grown with no or less fertilizer generally contains more minerals and gives stronger after taste. When a pregnant customer is looking for tea for own drinking, I usually propose her to have tea with strong after taste. I noticed that if I serve them tea with strong floral aroma but very less after taste, they are less interested. It is more like a biological reaction: their brain detects the essential mineral in tea and recognizes that it is an ideal substance in the body needs.

Tea does not have to be thick

The good quality tea can changes the taste of water to become very soft and smooth, even if very less quantity of tea leaves are used. To my point of view, tea brewing time should be less than 10 seconds. Based on my experience, normally pregnant woman enjoy lightly brewed tea. I suppose less caffeine is release from the tea leaf since it is brewed for a very short time.

Similarly, it is also good to drink tea or water from iron-rich clay teapot or tetsubin.

Note: This article is not encouraging pregnant woman to drink tea. It is jut to share an idea. Please also consult with your local physician for advice on this subject.

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