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Full body and strong after taste, Ma An Shan Raw Pu-erh Tea

[2014.08.15] Posted By

This year in spring, I have bought Ma An Shan Raw Pu-erh Tea (馬鞍山古樹生茶)when I visited Yunnan. This tea was considered as an “expensive tea” in my line-ups. However, it was unexpectedly popular. I could only manage to purchase 10kg in total. I only got 5kg each for Japan and Malaysia.


馬鞍山プーアル古樹生茶 茶葉

The characteristic of Ma An Shan raw pu-erh tea is its overwhelmingly strong body. It reminds me of the Lao Ban Zhang raw pu-erh tea. In addition, this tea gives strong after taste too. Thanks to the full body character, the flavour of tea widely spread in the mouth and gives roundness and sweetness that linger for a long time. The taste of Ma An Shan is 3 dimensional. In addition to the remarkable characteristics, the tea was well-processed. The pan-frying process was perfectly managed and it gives very pure and clear vegetal flavour. As the tea is still very fresh, you may think it is a white tea or green tea when you drink it for the first time.

Ma An Shan is situated in the west of Lincang. It belongs to the county called Zhenkang where it is facing to the Myanmar border. The Ma An Shan has gained some attention in a past several years. In fact, the price of Ma An Shan tea has been gradually increasing by far. However, due to extremely remote location, the price escalation is quite moderate comparatively. It is not as crazy situation as that of Lao Bang Zhan, Bu Lang Shan or Bing Dao area.

プーアル生茶 散茶

Despite Ma An Shan tea is quite well-known in the market, it has been maintaining pretty good quality. Usually once the production area become famous, the farmer tends to shift their traditional farming to the modern agricultural practice and the quality of tea will be immediately spoiled. The natural farming practice of Ma An Shan has been well recognized by the local government and it was pretty well-protected. Thanks to the sensible local government, the tea in Ma An Shan is produced without fertilizer, pesticide, no pruning and they do not even remove the weeds. The tea grows very slowly just like the wild plant. As a result, tea contains very high minerals and it gives strong aftertaste. If you are good in tasting, you may notice that the taste of Ma An Shan is very soft and deep. You may also enjoy tea-drunk effect thanks to improved blood circulation effect.



馬鞍山古樹生茶 プーアル茶
Since this tea is very well processed and moreover we could not procure sufficient quantity, we decided to sell this tea in mao-cha form, i.e., loose tea leaves without compression into cake. Unfortunately, this tea was already sold out within 2 days as soon as we introduced in Facebook. Right now we still have very less quantity left in Malaysia.
We will work very hard next year in order to secure more quantity so that more customers can enjoy this fine tea.

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