2024 Overview: Our Yunnan White Tea Quality, Process, and Weather Insights

One of the teas we’ve been focusing on in Yunnan Province is white tea. Historically white tea has been produced in both Fujian Province and Yunnan Province for a long time. While white tea from Fujian Province is well-managed during processing, we are dissatisfied with the quality of the raw materials due to the use …

Yunnan’s Hospitality Culture: Expressed Through Meals

In China, as a form of greeting, it’s common to say “你吃饭了吗?” which means “Have you eaten?” However, in Yunnan Province, the phrase “吃饭” is often used in various situations, more like “Eat, eat,” serving as an invitation to share a meal. Yet, with prolonged exposure to Yunnan, one comes to understand that these meal …

In Search of Wild Tea: Exploring Mountain Villages in Southwest Lincang, Yunnan

We are currently sourcing tea in the southwestern part of Lincang City, Yunnan Province. One of the crucial products for us is wild tea. While tea processing is important, securing the raw materials poses the biggest challenge. Recently, we received information about a new location where wild tea supposedly grows. To verify this, we visited …

Yunnan 2024 Spring Tea Sourcing

Yunnan Province is globally renowned for the exceptional quality of its tea leaves. However, lax production management often presents challenges in achieving the desired tea quality when relying solely on pre-made teas. To address this issue, we have committed to remaining on-site throughout the spring season to closely monitor tea production. We are meticulously inspecting …

The new release of Bao Dao Shan Da Cha Tou Brick 2017, exclusively crafted from Da Cha Tou leaves

Bao Dao Shan Cha Tou Zhuan 2017 is a ripe pu-erh tea crafted into brick form. Bao Dao Shan is the name of the mountain situated in the southwestern part of Yunnan. “Cha Tou” denotes a distinctive type of ripe pu-erh tea. In the course of fermenting spring tea, certain tea clumps naturally develop, known …

Special Release Limited Set of Ancient White Tea from 5 Gardens

The ancient white tea is a very popular tea in our store. We produced this tea in spring. Following production, it was stored in an oxygen-free environment for several months to further enhance its flavor, achieving the expected maturation. The production of ancient tree white tea is limited in quantity per day, resulting in small …

The New Arrival of Da Xue Shan Wild White Tea Loose 2023

We have released the 2023 harvest of wild white tea from the Da Xue Shan. Fresh Green Colour of Leaves Achieved Through Custom Production Da Xue Shan’s wild white tea is an incredibly rare type of white tea, and it’s made from a unique plant called Camellia Taliensis that grows in the wild in the …

5 Years Aged Wu Liang Shan White Tea from 2018

In 2018, we introduced the Wu Liang Shan Ancient Tree White Tea. It became an instant hit, selling out quickly due to its exquisite taste and captivating aroma.Fortunately, we had the foresight to store half of the tea in Malaysia, where the consistently high temperatures create the perfect conditions for aging. Over the past five …

Hidden Costs of High Valuations of Old Tea Trees

Over the past decade, tea enthusiasts in China have been captivated by teas harvested from Ancient Tea trees, particularly those from Yunnan province, Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea and Wuyi Rock Tea. However, as Ancient Tea trees are rare, the prices of teas harvested from them have skyrocketed. As a result, some farmers who possess …

New Release of Da Xue Shan Wild White Tea Cake 2021

Da Xue Shan Wild White Tea 2021 is available now. This tea is always very popular in our shop. In Japan, we brought in loose tea this year, and for Malaysia we produced 200g cake. Mao cha before compressing into cake Very limited resources This tea is made from the wild tea, called Camelia taliensis. …

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New Release of Wild Pu-erh Jasmine Pearl
Out of curiosity, we decided to create a jasmine tea based on Da Xue Shan Wild Raw Tea. This resulted in an exceptionally rare tea, not only in Japan but also in China. Custom Production Network for Jasmine Tea At our store, we source various types of base teas from different regions during the spring. …
New Release of Anxi Traditional Oolong
Anxi, located in Fujian province, China, is celebrated for its Tie Guan Yin tea. However, the Traditional Anxi Oolong from this region boasts a unique fruity aroma, distinguishing it from Tie Guan Yin. Anxi: A Renowned Hub for Oolong Tea Production in China Fujian Province, renowned for its rich tea heritage, boasts several prominent tea-producing …

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