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Da Xue Shan Wild Pu-erh Mao-Cha on Sale for a Limited Time

[2014.04.24] Posted By

After spending some time in Yunnan, at last we have managed to purchase the Mao Cha of Da Xue Shan Wild Pu-erh Raw Tea this year.

Increasing difficulty for sourcing Wild Tea

Several years ago, there was less number of people who knew about this tea. However, the fame of this tea has drastically increased and it is becoming very popular. Nowadays, it is getting more difficult to source this tea even if we are travelling to Yunnan and visiting the town that is situated closer to its origin.


This year, I was a little late in visiting Yunnan, thus, I was not certain if I could purchase the Wild Tea in the first place. This tea is highly sought after by tea connoisseurs. I had a sour experience in the past. In 2012, I have visited Yunnan late in spring season and I could not purchase the fresh crop of Da Xue Shan Wild Tea at all. when I arrived in Yunnan, the very first tea that I have to find is the wild tea. After all, I could purchase some Da Xue Shan Wild Tea, although it was a much smaller quantity than what we initially wanted to purchase.

No bitterness and unconfortable taste

The Da Xue Shan Wild Tea is produced by the minority ethnics. The distance to their village is not very far away. However the road condition is terrible. Usually it takes 2 days to reach there from the nearest town. This tea is produced by the farme with their own equipment and tools. Generally, the wild tea is pan-fried a little stronger than the normal raw pu-erh tea. I always look for the tea with the criteria that is less fried, no bitterness, strong after taste, strong body and less defect during the process. The tea we bought this year gives the flavour like the fresh bark of tree from the forest, and a little fruity note like grapes; sometimes it also reminds me of the fresh apple.

If you like the fresh flavor, you will love the mao-cha

We are planning to compress this tea in 357g round cake later. For compressing pu-erh tea, the mao-cha is steamed in order to soften the tea leaf and then the leaves are compressed with stone mold. Once tea is compressed, it is not easy to dry it well since the leaves are compacted and lost ventilation. The compressed pu-erh tea is handy for keeping and handling. However, I always think that the mao-cha is the best to enjoy the fresh flavour of tea.


Resavation for the Mao-Cha is opened for the limited period

We would like to introduce the mao-cha of Da Xue Shan Wild Tea only for the limited time. We have to compress the tea before the raining season starts in Yunnan, in order to secure the fresh characteristic of tea. The reservation of this tea is only available for about one week until the end of this month (30th April). Please do let us know if you wish to purchase the mao-cha of Da Xue Shan Wild Pu-erh Tea.


Da Xue Shan Wild Tea in Loose (大雪山野生茶 毛茶)

This year the price of Da Xue Shan Wild Pu-erh tea was generally higher in the market. However, we managed to find the tea that price is about the same as last year.

200g RM160
600g RM432 (200g x 3 )

(For each packing size, if you buy 5 packs you will get 1 pack for free)
If you are interested to book the Da Xue Shan Wild Pu-erh Tea Mao-Cha, please contact our shop 03-2287 4537 or e-mail us to confirm.

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